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As an expert on EU advocacy and on financial services, Joost Mulder is regularly invited to speak at private or public events. Whenever possible, presentation material is made available here.


Summer School on Policy Communications, CEPOW Madrid, July 2018


Oxfam EU influencing, Oxfam Academy, February 2017
Working in EU advocacy and the world of NGOs, ULB IEE Job Day, March 2017
Setting up an Eurozone Governance Watchdog,  Transparency International,  March 2017
We’re all lobbyists, Universiteit Antwerpen, May 2017
Policy-Link on Fiscal Convergence, ULB & VUB, May 2017
The who, when and how of Lobbying in Brussels, Young Scholars Initiative, May 2017
The wooden house, University of Southern Denmark, August 2017
EU Policy Cycle, GCS Kosovo, September 2017
SPERI/Tax Justice Network, November 2017